Fidget Spinner iPhone Case

The must-have toy of 2017 meets the must have accessory of- well of every year since early humans started dropping their iPhones and cracking the screens. That’s got to be back in the caveman days or something, who can really remember a time before iPhones anyway? Not me. The Fidget Spinner iPhone Case is actually quite practical at both protecting your phone and keeping your fingers and mind occupied. It’s basically just a standard thin case with a fidget spinner attached to the back. Side view:

You can use the fidget spinner while it’s attached to the case either by putting your phone down and spinning it, or just spin it while you hold and use the phone. They claim the high quality bearings will spin for 3 minutes. I suppose you could even hold the fidget spinner part and spin your phone, although that might not be the best idea since you phone could go flying off. That’s because the fidget spinner is detachable:

Just in case there was a time when you didn’t want to fidget spin, you could leave it at home. Or detach and give it to your kids (which is a total win, they’re no longer borrowing your phone to keep themselves occupied. You get the phone, they get the spinner. Spinner winner chicken dinner.). Comes in a few different colors and fits various models of the iPhone (clickthrough below and scroll to the related items to see the other choices).