Review: Pelican Protector Case for iPhone 6

protector images from sell sheet.indd
We were sent a Pelican Protector Case for our iPhone 6 for review. The case is available in 6 different color choices, we went with a black one (with blue trim). Out of the box the case is a one-piece case that slips right over the phone very easily. It’s a rubbery material with enough give to let your phone in but also rigid enough to hold it firmly in place. Inside it’s soft so it won’t scratch the back of your phone.
pelican protector1
As you can see from our photo, the front side of the case does have a small “lip” that extends upwards around the screen. This is definitely a plus as it protects the phone if you place it face down by keeping the glass screen off the table (and could potentially help in case of face down drops).
pelican protector2
The back of the case has an attractive two-tone color scheme with a pair of horizontal raised stripes. The Pelican branding is the same color as the case so while you can tell who made the case, you’re not a walking advertisement. As you can see there are cutouts for the camera lens and flash. We found them large enough that they did not interfere with camera usage in any way.
pelican protector side
From the side view you can see the recessed area for the volume on/off switch. Larger fingers might find it a little tough at times to slip in there to press it (although it’s typically not an often used switch anyway). The case overlays both the volume control switches below that and the power button on the opposite side. Pressing the case to hit these buttons is not really as smooth as we would like but on the other hand it can also prevent you from accidentally hitting it and turning your phone off by mistake. Another cutout so you could press the buttons directly would probably be ideal.
pelican protector bottom
Here’s the bottom of the case. As you can see the case allows access to the port as well as clearings for the microphone, headphone jack, and speaker. The depth of the case made it a little tricky to plug in the lightning cable, we have to kind of guide it in there somewhat carefully.

Overall the case has a really clean look to it and nice feel in the hands. The material is a non-slip grippy type and the slightly rounded edges make it easy to hold. The case is certainly not the slimmest you can buy and it does add a small bit of size to the phone but that’s a tradeoff for padding that will protect your phone in the (likely) event of a drop. It weighs 1.4 ounces which adds minimal weight to the phone. It does not include a screen protector, so that’s something you will need to buy separately if you desire.

Bottom line: very solid case, looks great, will protect your phone.

Note: the case is exclusive to AT&T, you can buy it for $40 on their site here.