Phone Case with Built In Spray Bottle

smart spray case
Just when you think you’re out and you’ve seen phone cases that do everything, then they pull you back in. The Smart Spray Case is the phone case with an integrated spray bottle in the back. The case has a removable bladder that you fill up with a small funnel. Any liquid can go inside:
smart spray case fill up
Once you put it back together, just press the nozzle to spray it out. The big question of course is what could you possibly put in your phone case? Lots of things- perfume, suntan lotion, hand sanitizer, breath spray and more. Anything you might need to spray in a pinch you can put in. Window cleaner or other cleaning products? Sure, if that’s your thing. Booze? Sure, if you want to spray it. The case has a clean modern design that doesn’t protrude too far from the back of the phone (considering) so nobody needs to know about your little sanitizer obsession. Right now it’s sized for the iPhone 5/5S although I suppose they could make other sizes going forward if it’s successful.