Rock Your Ass Off with a Woofer Chair

You can really feel the music if you sit in this Woofer Chair. Designed by the Ministry of Design firm, this chair is a combination of comfort and technology. It’s contemporary design has a soft ergonomic seating area over a hard fiberglass outer shell.

According to the designers “Its sheer size gives gravitas to the low bass resonances while the tapering of its sides to mere millimetres is a nod to the treble timbres”. Honestly it doesn’t really look all that comfortable and the idea of sitting IN a speaker may not be all that appealing to anyone who wants to keep their hearing intact but conceptually and visually it’s pretty gosh darn sweet. Where are you now Maxell guy?

(via freshome)

One thought on “Rock Your Ass Off with a Woofer Chair

  1. Looking Unique..I never came saw/heard of this kind of music chair lol.. funny but unique!! Time to get our add kicked with music.. ROFL!!

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