Murakami Rocking Chair Powers It’s Own Lamp

lamp powered rocking chair
Rochus Jacob designed this interesting take on a Murakami rocking chair. Attached to the back of the chair is an OLED lamp on a pole. Now that’s not a lampshade you’re seeing in the picture- that’s the actual lamp itself- it’s shaped like a lampshade! The light is powered by kinetic energy from the power of you rocking the chair. It’s just a design concept since I (non-scientifically, natch) believe that simply rocking a chair would not really produce enough energy to produce much light, even if it was a highly efficient OLED light. But maybe I just don’t rock hard enough.

at unplggd via gizmodo

2 thoughts on “Murakami Rocking Chair Powers It’s Own Lamp

  1. i guess it does.

    todays leds produce a ton of light from just 2-3watts of electricity. from lightly pedaling a bicycle you get 100-150watts.
    from rocking i think you must be able to get 10-20-30.

    nonetheless i think it’s a nice concept, even if if has to be battery powered. (again: powerled, 4cells of li-ion -> 20hours of powerful ugly blueish light)

    what about just sticking a carbide fire torch to your rocking chair. could be more cozy.

    end of post.

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