Diamond and Ruby Encrusted Desk Chair

You’re a high powered executive. You can’t be sitting in a chair made of mere leather or (gasp!) fabric like the rest of your plebes. Desk chairs like that are for the working stiffs. You’re the big boss, the chief, the big macher, the top tomato, the head cheese, the king of the castle, the man in charge- you need something superior to rest your well paid behind on. You need the Viva chair.

This highly desirable chair is upholstered in crocodile leather and embellished with diamonds, rubies and solid gold. It’s fully plated in 24Kt gold- even the castor supports and armrests are gold plated. There’s a mere 222 diamonds (7.4 carats) on the armrests, which are also topped with emeralds. For this kind of money you get some ergonomic benefits too like tilting and a shock absorber. This fine piece of luxury office furniture will run you around $273,000, so get your expense account ready.

via born rich