Toepener is the Germ-free Way to Open Bathroom Doors

Let’s face it- public restrooms are usually pretty nasty. Sure YOU wash your hands but nobody else does and they all put their germ-filled hands all over the handle. You need a way to make a “clean” escape. You could use paper towels (if there are any), do the “wait and slip out when someone enters” move, the foot on the doorhandle maneuver, or the difficult and always-awkward elbow open. None are good solutions really. Well this wouldn’t be a problem if every bathroom had a Toepener installed. This hook shaped device goes on the bottom of the door and lets you open it with your foot. Quick, easy, sanitary. You know we love a good demo video:

That should be a standard part of every public restroom door. The Toepener was designed by Forge, LLC, a group of University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management students who developed the product in their Entrepreneurship In Action class and followed it through to market where you can buy it for $49.95 from their website. The Toepener made it past the first round of casting for ABC’s Shark Tank- I’m not sure how many rounds there are to make it on air, but keep your eyes open for it.

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