This Bath Caddy Suction Cups to the Shower Wall

This is by the far the most convenient and useful travel bathroom bag and caddy ever. The Vessel is a zip-up bag that holds all your soaps, shampoos, lotions, and other shower needs. But what makes it unique is a few simple additions. First is the pair of suction cups- you can can unzip it and mount it right on the shower wall!
vessel suction
It’s like adding an eye-level shelf to the shower. No need to unpack all your bottles and try to arrange them in the tiny space on the edge of the bathtub. The Vessel packs back up just as quickly when you’re done too. It also has a carrying handle that snaps together so you can hang it on the shower rod, towel hook, shower head, or anywhere else:
vessel hook
You also use that handle to tote it around with you. There’s more too: the bottom has a pair of ventilating grommets that drain any excess water out and keep your travel bag dry and mold and mildew free. Vessel has enough pockets to hold all your bathroom essentials. Besides being great for traveling to hotels, campgrounds, and friend’s houses, it’s also ideal for college students living in dorms or sharing bathrooms.