Space Invaders Soap Might Convince Me to Take a Shower

space invaders soap
These little Space Invader soaps are so cute. If I had a bunch, I might shower on a weekly at minimum basis. Heck, I might even be convinced to wash my hands after using the bathroom every time just to be near these cute little guys. At $20 for 48 little bars of soap… well I started to write this sentence like I had some authoritative knowledge of just how much soap costs and if this is a good deal or not but to be honest I have no clue. I know my soap costs nothing because I swipe them..err borrow them.. from my local fish and chips joint just down the road because they have that nice floral smelling soap that I can’t find anywhere else.
space invaders soap2
These would be great for your geek bathroom. Or if you’re an arcade game character cleaning products collector like myself. It’s all good clean fun.

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