R/C Toy Forklift is a Real Working Mini-Forklift

Most remote controlled vehicles have a very limited range of motion- front, back, maybe some steering if you’re lucky. That’s mostly it. But not so with this really sweet R/C Forklift which not only moves around, it also works as a fully function mini-forklift able to lift and unload things. It comes with a whole set accessories to keep your desktop mini-warehouse in order: five stackable pallets, four drums, two crates with hinged tops, a cardboard box, and a white poly-wrapped load of cargo.

The forklift raises up to an impressive 13.5″ high. Of course nothing’s gonna stop you from using it to organize your own personal supplies like these post-its that so 100% definitely need to be forklifted over to the other side of the cubicle.

Now you’re working hard. Buy it for just $39.95 at Vat19 (free shipping on $99+)

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