Space Invaders and Pac-Man Mini Cooper Art Cars

I love art cars! I’ve always wanted to paint up my car with a cool design but with my artistic skills it would look like something a drunk 3rd grader would draw. I see tons of these BMW made Mini Coopers on the streets near where I live- there are very few garages or driveways so street parking is essential and the little Minis can fit into spots that most other cars are forced to pass by. But I’ve never seen Mini’s as cool as these two!
Holy geekalicious automobile Batman! Pac-man and Space Invaders, ftw! Designed by Matt W. Moore, I would love to drive around in one these geek art cars. Plus if the car ever gets stolen, it will be real easy to identify- “we need an APB on a black Mini Cooper with a gigantic Pac-Man graphic on the side”. “We’ve found your car sir, it’s over near the comic book store on Maple St.”.

via likecool