Remote Controlled Soccer Shoe

Score a gooooaaaall with a remote controlled soccer cleat (or football boot for my non-American friends, hi). Each soccer shoe has four wheels underneath that are controlled and steered via remote. Each shoe also comes with it’s own mini-soccer ball and net (which looks to be strung up backwards in the picture). A detachable “scoop” is included for the toe of the shoe in case you are completely uncoordinated less skilled.

The cleats measure 9″ long and the ball is 3″ so it’s a pretty close to reality sized remote control shoe. The set of two costs £49.50 from this UK store, which is about $75, a fair amount of money for this toy but if I know soccer fans and their level of rabidness (and really I don’t but let’s just pretend that I do), the price won’t be much of an obstacle.