8 Craziest Green Bay Packers Items

It’s the big Superbowl battle here at Craziest Gadgets. We’ve got 8 crazy Green Bay Packers items facing off against 8 crazy Pittsburgh Steelers items. Which team has the craziest merchandise?

Here’s one for all the Packer nerd fans out there, it’s the Green Bay Packers Rubiks Cube. Bet you can’t finish it before the game ends.

Wisconsin might be known for cheese but you know what goes really good with cheese? Yes everything. But also potatoes! It’s NFL Green Bay Packers Mr. Potato Head. Who knew Mr. Potato Head was a lefty?

It takes a classy lady to pull off the Green Bay Packers Purse. Style and football in one. Nice.

If you’re cruising in your car listening to the Pack on the radio, you’ve gotta have some Green Bay Packers Fuzzy Dice hanging from the rearview mirror. You already painted your car in Packers colors, right?

Sometimes Green Bay runs up the score so much you need a calculator to keep track of all the points. No problem if you had the Green Bay Packers Pro-Grip Calculator; that’s how they add things up in Green Bay.

Real fans not only live and breathe with the team, they also eat in a fanatical way. That’s why true Pack fans eat their toast with a Packers logo on it made by a Green Bay Packers NFL ProToast Toaster. Because anything less is AmateurToast.

Since your spouse probably won’t let you paint the entire outside of your house in the green and yellow, you’ll have to stick to supporting the team with a Green Bay Packers Football Helmet Mailbox. But don’t ever lose the dream about the house painting, you never know.

The Packers are about to put the screws into the Steelers this Superbowl and you can put screws in with the Packers too with a Team ProMark NFL Screwdriver – Green Bay Packers. Go Packers!