Super Mario Mushroom Pillows

I really really like the design of these Super Mario Mushroom Pillows. Typically I can’t see myself decorating my home with any of the super geeky video game type household items I feature here at Craziest Gadgets (maybe if I had a den or a mancave or basement or something that I could trick out, I would definitely geekstyle it up though), but these I could see sitting on the couch with the rest of my pillows. They’re, dare I say it, sort of classy. Classy as far as mushroom pillows go I suppose. These 18″ square fleece pillows will run you $70 for the set of 4, which isn’t too bad for pillows (why are pillows always so expensive? what’s the deal with that?).

via geeky-gadgets

One thought on “Super Mario Mushroom Pillows

  1. I really like these pillows, I want to re-decorate my room and i would love to have a set of these pillows. If there is anyway of me getting a hold of a set can anyone e-mail me?

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