Working High Heel Guitar Shoe from Chicks on Speed

This is the coolest shoe ever. The E-Shoe is a high heeled shoe that actually works as a guitar. It was created by Chicks on Speed, a “multidisciplinary art group who applied punk-inspired DIY ethic to performance art, collage graphics and home-made fashion”. The shoe has touch sensor connected to the strings that send MIDI signals wirelessly to a laptop.

Wearable instruments! The shoes actually look pretty stylish too because it was made in conjunction with Siberian-born shoe designer Max Kibardin. Check out the surprisingly calming (considering they play Electroclash music) video explaining the shoes and demonstrating a bunch of different ones being played in concert:

(via future of fashion)

2 thoughts on “Working High Heel Guitar Shoe from Chicks on Speed

  1. I cannot believe that they have made this and it really works. What a cool idea. Not something you would want to wear because they would become ruined but after watching the video I realized that people do wear these. What can I say but technology today is really amazing.

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