A Very Strange High Heel Shoe

strange mojito shoe
The Mojito is one of the weirdest shoes you’ll ever see. It’s ribbonlike form is a sort of deconstructed version of a high heeled woman’s shoe. The shoe was designed by British architect Julian Hakes and is made of carbon fiber for strength and elasticity along with a rubber bottom and leather. You can tell it was designed by a architect and not a shoe designer because it doesn’t appear that it can even stay on your foot for more than a step and even if it did, it looks very uncomfortable. Not that I’ve ever worn high heel shoes, but I’m just sayin. Practicality and architecture don’t always necessarily come together. But they sure do look pretty.

via gizmodo

2 thoughts on “A Very Strange High Heel Shoe

  1. Actually, this looks extremely comfy. I’m totally fascinated by the design and would absolutely buy it. I do think it would stay on just fine.

    just a woman’s optinion 😉

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