Satarii Star is an iPhone Dock That Rotates with the Action

What if you could place your iPhone down and as you record a video or use Facetime for video chat, the iPhone would actually swivel around to track your movement? That’s the idea behind the Satarii Star, and in-development project from a team of California-based designers. The Satarii Star is a two part mobile accessory- the first is the rotating base; you can set your iPhone (or other device) in either portrait or landscape mode and position it where you want it. The second part is a small tracking device that you clip onto the subject. The tracking device communicates with the base up to 25 feet away (line of sight) and the base then rotates up to 180 degrees so it’s always aimed at the tracker. Here’s a demo video:

When not in use the Satarii Star folds up into a relatively flat portable size you can slip into your bag or large pocket. The device seems like it would be great for people that video themselves doing any sort of motion, whether it’s skateboarding tricks, cooking, podcasting, lectures, or running around with your kids or pets. The Satarii Star is still in development and they are working on the next level of prototypes. So follow their blog or send them some money so they get this thing produced.

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  1. this reminds me of Loups-Garous were every one is being monitored and tracked with there monitors AKA phone/ all you lifes need in a small device and info

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