Case-Mate’s Recession iPhone Case

recession iphone case
Actual product alert! Actual real live purchasable product alert! The recession is hitting everyone these days and everybody’s looking to save money wherever they can. So if you’re looking for REALLY cheap case for your iPhone (hey, just because we’re trying to save money doesn’t mean we have to give up the necessities of life like an iPhone 3GS, don’t be ridiculous), Case-Mate has the perfect solution.

The iPhone 3G/3GS recession case is nothing but a cardboard box. It folds up around your Apple device and protects it. You can even take a sharpie or a crayon and personalize it. Budget priced, the recession case costs just $0.79 when you buy the bailout bundle of 10 (enough for all your iPhones). Otherwise you’ll have to spring for 20 cents more. Remember, cardboard is the new plastic!

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