iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer

iphone 3d iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer
Turn your iPhone into a 3D immersive viewing machine with the iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer. This $49 device uses free downloadable apps that combine with the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to create 3D environments that move when you move the phone. The viewer is used like binoculars atop the phone with a pair of cutouts to allow your fingers to use the touchscreen.
iphone virtual reality 650x650 iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer

In addition to viewing 3D movie trailers, one can assume the persona of a Great White Shark (or other species) and roam underwater with 360º movement for prey and buried treasure, take a virtual tour of Los Angeles’ Santa Monica Pier to play a sampling of interactive games, or take part in an underground hovercraft race that requires tilting and panning the viewer/iPhone to steer.

It works with the iPhone as well as recent models of the iPod touch. Has anyone tried this out in person? Leave a review in the comments, let us know what you thought of it.
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