Rotating iPhone Lens Dial

Many people are using their iPhone’s as their everyday camera instead of a point and shoot. And why not? The iPhone takes pretty solid pictures and there’s no additional bulk in your pocket. After all the best camera is the one you actually have with you. So this interesting $249 iPhone accessory from PhotoJojo brings your iphone one step closer to a DSLR with a rotating three lens add-on.

It looks a bit like something you use at the eye doctor but the Lens Dial gives you three add-on lenses for your iPhone: wide angle, fisheye and telephoto. To switch, just rotate the slim aircraft-grade aluminum jacket. It also gives you a tripod mount (in both portrait and landscape modes). It’s definitely a pricey addition to your phone but if you are a serious iPhone 4/4S photographer, it will definitely help you take some great shots. You’re not going to replace your DSLR with these lenses but it brings you one step closer.

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