Duracell Energy Drink

duracell energy drink
Energy drinks are hot these days and even battery companies are getting in on the game. Duracell has introduced the Duracell Energy Drink (a product frankly better suited to Energizer and their “it keeps going and going” slogan). I do have to admit that the can is one of the coolest drink containers ever. A natural fit for a battery company to market their batteries as I assume this is just a marketing ploy and not a truly extension of the brand into the energy drink market- but who really knows?

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10 thoughts on “Duracell Energy Drink

  1. This is fake! The P&G never gave its name to a brand of an energydrink. I know it already, because I am working there on the legal dep. These are aall illegal, and we will make the next steps ASAP.

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