Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl Steps It Up

Everyone loves (chocolate!) milk in their cereal but nobody likes to have soggy cereal, except for my weird cousin Frankie but that guy’s got some major mental issues way beyond the scope of this site. Anyway- until now the only way to prevent soggy cereal was to only pour a little bit of milk-or cereal- in at a time. Not anymore!

The eatmecrunchy cereal bowl (great name, btw) has a small shelf on the bottom covering about 2/3 of the bowl. Your cereal stays dry except for the parts not on the shelf. You eat the crunchy, yet milk covered portion of your cereal and push more cereal off the ledge into the milk as you eat. The eatmecrunchy’s shelf is removable and the whole bowl is dishwasher safe.
via GizmosForGeeks

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