Baby Buddy Bottle Buddy Electronic Formula Dispenser

You would think that making a bottle of formula for a baby would be a simple task- scoop out the powder, pour in the water. But it’s not. First off, the scoop is almost the same size as the bottle’s neck which means spillage is inevitable as you pour the powdered formula into the bottle. Secondly fitting the scoop and your adult sized hands into the canister of formula and scooping out a perfectly level full scoop is really tricky. Third, it’s the middle of the night, you’ve only had 5 hours of sleep in the last two days and you’ve completely lost track of how many scoops you’ve already put in the bottle- was it 3 or 4 (yes this happens)? Did we mention that the whole time you’re trying to scoop you have to hold a hungry screaming squirming baby? Well there’s a gadget solution: The Baby Buddy Bottle Buddy Electronic Formula Dispenser.

The Bottle Buddy electronically fills up your bottles with a single touch of the button. It’s quick, simple and hygienic. No more knuckles in the formula as you try to scoop it out. No contamination, no spillage, no human error. Just set the LCD screen to the number of scoops, press the button and your bottle is filled up. It holds 32 ounces of dry formula in it’s sterile BPA-free top with a window to see how much is left. The average parent scoops 10,000 scoops of formula in the baby’s first year alone. This looks a lot better sitting on your counter than a canister of formula. Plus when baby grows up, you can use it to make yourself powdered protein shakes. I seriously wish I had owned this for my kids when they were younger.

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