Toothbrush That Can Store Toothpaste

This toothbrush concept is pretty smart- inside the handle it can store the toothpaste. You just twist the bottom to move the toothpaste up from the reservoir to the bristles. Simple as that. Similar products already exist for baby food, with a spoon top instead of a toothbrush so I suspect that something similar to this may already exist in the market; if only I was near a computer and could Google it. Oh well, guess we’ll never know. Either way, this design looks nice, it reminds me of getting a shot at the doctor, although perhaps a little skimpy on the amount of toothpaste it can hold.


2 thoughts on “Toothbrush That Can Store Toothpaste

  1. I had a toothbrush with this very same function when I was a child, in the 70s, nothing new here.

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