Star Trek Cookies Won’t Live Too Long nor Prosper

Tis the season.. for cookies. Geek cookies to be specific. Our friend Katie from Punk Projects (who you might remember from the Star Trek wooden figures) has created yet another piece of homemade Trekness. This time it’s sweet looking Star Trek Christmas Cookies. Note the half eaten “expendable crew member” in red- that’s pinpoint attention to detail right there. Other faves you might recognize (from left to right)- Sulu, unknown ensign, Scottie, Expendable crew member, Captain Kirk, Uhura, Spock, Bones, and Chekov.

I’ll tell you what, if these cookies were located anywhere within my vicinity, they would not be living long nor prospering. They’d be beamed right up to my mouth and boldly go where many cookies have gone before; right into my belly. Nice work again, Katie.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek Cookies Won’t Live Too Long nor Prosper

  1. Great post! Those cookies tasted as good as they looked. and we had a blast decorating them.

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