Eat Cookies from Leonard Nimoy’s Head

In the grand scheme of things you’d like to do to Leonard Nimoy, removing his head and eating snacks from inside his chest cavity has to be in the top 10. Has to be. It’s not like he’s Shatner where you’d like to just remove his head and put it aside (confirmed upon listening to some samples from Spaced Out: The Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner, Nimoy definitely had more “talent” in the singing category- Shatner’s take on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and Mr. Tambourine Man are must-hears). I don’t know where I was going with that but the point is that now there’s an officially licensed Spock Cookie Jar loose in the universe.

Spock is dead serious about his cookies. It’s made of ceramic, holds cookies, and costs $49.99. Lucky for us it’s not a singing cookie jar, although that would be a fantastic diet aid. Btw, little known Star Trek fact here but Vulcans are huge cookie eaters.

(Vulcan salute to our sister site: Gluttoner for posting this first)

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