Doctor Who Cookie Cutters

dr who cookie cutters
Time travelers can eat all the cookies they want and never gain any weight (because they can just go back in time to right before they ate the cookies). Being part alien helps with the metabolism too. You can celebrate the world’s greatest time traveling humanoid alien with this set of Doctor Who Cookie Cutters. Each set of five comes with TARDIS, Cyberman, K9, Sonic Screwdriver (the Eleventh’s), and Dalek cookie cutters.
doctor who cookie cutters
Made of food-grade plastic, each has a spring-mounted die to imprint your cookies and save the planet. Great for your next Doctor Who viewing party (speaking of- where’s my invite? Must have gotten lost in the mail.) or any random weekday. Heck, weekends too if you’re feeling adventurous. Bust out the fancy colored icing and a steady decorating hand, it’s just what the good Doctor ordered.