Minecraft Cookie Cutters

minecraft cookie cutters
No need to leave your precious Minecraft just because you’re going into the kitchen or to a party. With this set of Minecraft Cookie Cutters you’ll have all the tools you need to make awesome Minecraft cookies. The set comes with 5 different officially licensed cookie cutters- pickaxe, sword, Steve, cookie, and Creeper.
minecraft cookies
Yes that’s a cookie shaped cookie cutter. Odd. But not as odd as a random ocelot or sheep. These cookie cutters are made of stainless steel and a little bit of geek love. They come in a lovely hexagon shaped presentation tin:
minecraft cookie tin
Now you can eat those Creepers before they get you. Makes a great gift for the Minecraft addict or sweet treats for your Minecraft themed holiday party (admit it, you want to do that now). Definitely easier than farming cocoa beans by pressing buttons- and a lot tastier.