Candy Button Bench is a Sweet Seat

candy button bench
Everyone loved those candy buttons as a kid. You’d get a long scroll of paper with colorful candy buttons attached to it in long neat rows. Peel one off and enjoy that sweet sugar and a little bit of paper too (it’s fiber, it’s good for you). Now you can enjoy candy buttons in your living with the candy Button Bench from Jellio. It’s not edible but it sure looks (kinda) comfortable.
button bench
This sleek bench is made from white acrylic and covered in squishy dots. It measures 4′ long by 18″ tall and 16″ deep, so go ahead and start measuring your living room now to see if it fits. If it doesn’t then sell off the rest of your furniture to make some room. Or just put it in your Willy Wonka tribute room that I’m sure you have. It’s the perfect spot to sit on and eat candy buttons. Fun, colorful, won’t rot your teeth, and you won’t have to eat little pieces of paper (unless you’re a Merry Prankster or something but that’s not what we’re talking about… or is it?)