Cool New Round Trip Pocket Watch from Tokyoflash

Tokyoflash has just released a really cool looking LED pocket watch called the Round Trip. The watch comes in a stainless stain casing that can be attached to your pocket loop, bag, or keychain. The watch is solid black until you press the button to display the animation showing the time. And since it’s a Tokyoflash product, the time is displayed in a unique but visually appealing manner.

The inner ring of orange LED blocks represent hours in the same position as hours on a clock face, the outer ring of blue LED blocks represent three minute intervals in the same position as minutes on a clock face. Two single minutes are shown in green LED’s at the bottom to give the exact time.

The Round Trip is USB chargeable; a 3.5 hour charge is good for about a month of running time. The battery should last about 9 years (300 charges). It’s water resistant to 3 meters and costs just $73 from Tokyoflash with free shipping.

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