USB Hot Dog Flash Drive

Well hot diggity dog, I’ll be darned. It’s a hot dog and a USB flash drive. Aww shucks. Dang doddly doodle. What do you know? Would you wait just a gosh darn minute and take a gander at this bowl of pears in hot sauce n’ grits. Shock shootin rootie tootie fresh n’ fruity. Giddagnamnit. Well I’ll be a monkey loving sweatsuit hot pants on a platter. Oh. my. gravy. Geez Louise with some Snapple iced teas. Herbivores ate well cause their food never did run.

Tex-mex foofa and plex, holy moly you need cilantro to make that guacamole. Fafa fooey bless the living kerfooey in your chop suey, Huey Dewey and Louie. The world is spinning. Hot dog, mustard, ketchup on a bun; I’m in a fog, getting flustered and I’m done. Peace out.

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