A Trio of New Designs from Art Lebedev

Art Lebedev seems to have gone a little design crazy on April Fool’s Day, issuing three different designs some of which are sort of hanging out on the borderline of believability/April Fool’s jokes. Although I guess we have seen design concepts in the past that were waaaaay more ridiculous and it wasn’t April 1st, so we’re presenting these fun ones to you.

Above you can see the design called “Levelus“, a man’s man cologne bottle. It’s not just a scent holder- it’s also a level. Perfect for keeping those bathroom shelves aligned and you smelling like someone who just used a tool. Of course once you start using your cologne the tool won’t work but that’s just a minor point, right?

Next is Cylindrus which looks like a rabbit coming out of a magician’s hat but it’s actually…

a USB hub! The wires form the ear effect. Except your wires would never form those perfect arcs like the picture. But coolio.

Last up is ironius, a mug that’s shaped like an iron. Now you can drink your coffee and do your chores at the same time. Or spill coffee on the clothes that you just took out of the wash a minute earlier.

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