Art Lebedev’s Gun Handle Leash Only Looks Like Animal Cruelty

The Povodokus dog leash from Art Lebedev’s studio somehow manages to be the best and worst idea at the same time. It’s pretty much guaranteed to get you stopped by the police, or shot, or laughed at, or… something. It definitely attracts some sort of attention.

The handle looks just like a gun- and not an orange supersoaker- a realistic looking handgun. Combined with the leash, at a glance it really looks like you’re shooting your dog.

I said sit, dog. That’ll teach ’em. But don’t cue up that Sarah McLaughlin song just yet, for now this is just a design concept and not for sale (yet? you never know).

16 thoughts on “Art Lebedev’s Gun Handle Leash Only Looks Like Animal Cruelty

  1. I see the tortured look in my neighbors’ eyes when these burly guys get stuck walking their feminine family dogs. One walks his two fluffy white dogs on baby pink leashes. This leash would really counteract the neutered quality the guys give off, while blowing off some resentment with a bit of humor.

  2. How to get yourself shot by a cop in one easy lesson. . . and your dog too probably. Why do I think the designer of this knows nothing of guns, or gun laws. . .

  3. Once hipsters roamed the cities and towns of this great land, but they were too stupid to survive – engaging in behavior smarter people realized was not the least bit edgy, but simply ignorant.

    We find their fossilized remains occasionally and are glad they are gone.

  4. the top pic with the woman is several years old. i had that pic sent via facebook a long time back. so why the fuss about it now?

    1. i actually just looked it up and it was sent to me on april 5, 2011. so, while not several years old, it is none the less dated. sorry for saying it was several years old, must be oldtimers disease kicking in.

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