4 Classic Video Game Inspired Tile Designs

pacman tile
If you’re looking to geek up your bathroom or kitchen why not take advantage of the fact that square tiles are perfect for creating mosaics with? UK based Topps Tiles came up with a few fresh ideas to turn your home into an 8-bit wonderland. Like the Pac-Man design above with the well-placed clock in the center. Or Mega Man:
mega man tiles
That one looks a bit more complicated to create, being 16 bits and so many colors. But I could see it in a kid’s bathroom or mancave bathroom. Make it simpler with the oldest of the old school- Pong!
pong tiles
I like that design- it’s geeky but not in-your-face. Almost subtle. Lastly is the Space Invaders tile job:
space invader tiles
Maybe I wouldn’t have placed that picture right over the design. Pretty cool tiling inspiration ideas there, you could take this idea and run with it- finding the perfect 8-bit retro game for your room design.

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