How to Make a Head in a Jar Prank

head in a jar
Are you ready for April Fool’s Day? No? Then you better get your head in the game- literally with this super funny and slightly creepy DIY Head in a Jar Prank. To create the illusion you could either chop off your head and place it in a jar or follow these easy steps (we recommend the second method). First photograph yourself from the front and sides. Next you’ll need some minimal photoshop skills to combine and blend the three images into one smooth one. You could also just use one side of your head and mirror it instead of taking shots of both sides. You’ll still need a pic of the front of your face though!
head in a jar how to
Print out the image, laminate it, roll it up into a cylinder and tape it together. Next insert it into a jar. The jar should be larger than the rolled up photograph. This allows you to fill the jar up with water and food coloring so your face has a slightly distorted look when you look through the jar. Animated gif time:
how to head in a jar prank
With that color water inside the jar, it looks like a well preserved decapitated head. Creeepy. Now just place the jar wherever you want your victim to see it. Or take it with you anywhere you go.
head in a jar to go
Great for any day, not just April Fools or Halloween. (via make)