Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Baby Feeding System

Feeding your kid has never been more fun (or geekier!) than with the Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System. That’s right, it’s a system. The light-up spoon is modeled after every infant’s favorite ship- the USS Enterprise. Anyone who has ever piloted a spacecraft or attempted to feed a baby knows that it’s very important to line everything up for proper docking- well no worries because the bib lights up too!

The bib’s lights are motion activated while the spoon’s lights have a switch. If your infant is complaining about your “so totally fake, I don’t see any wings” airplane coming in to the mouth moves, it’s time to boldly go where no mashed sweet potato has gone before. It comes with 3 spoon attachments for $24.99.

(If your kid is not into Star Trek, there’s also the similar Light Up Airplane Bib).

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