Snuza Halo Infant Breathing and Movement Monitor Clips on to the Baby

With incidents of SIDS on their minds, new parents want to make sure their infant makes it through the night safe and sound. A good safety device to use is an infant movement monitor. Typically these are flat panels that go under your child’s crib mattress and attach to an alarm that goes off if there is no movement from breathing within a prescribed time period.

The problem with these traditional under-mattress types of monitors (and speaking from personal experience with 2 infants in the last 3 years) like the HiSense BabySense V Baby Safe Infant Movement Monitor (which I’ve used for 2 kids and would recommend, btw) is that sometimes the child will move into the extreme edge or corner of the crib and thus not register movement causing a false alarm and a panicked parent. The Snuza HALO Infant Breathing Movement Baby Monitor avoids this problem by clipping on to the baby’s diaper instead of the crib.

Ahh how cute. And safe. If the Snuza does not receive movement from the baby for 15 seconds it attempts to stimulate breathing by activating a pulsed vibration. It gives 5 seconds for that to work before it kicks in with the audible alarm to wake you. The other advantage the Snuza has over traditional movement monitors is that it’s completely portable with no wires.

If your child sleeps in multiple places (pack and play, bassinet, moses basket, relative or babysitter’s houses, multiple wings of your mansion) or if you travel this is ideal for you. If you have twins or multiples sleeping together or are co-sleeping with your child you simply can’t use any other type of motion monitor- this is a must have. The Snuza Halo is competitively priced with other infant movement monitors and definitely worth looking at if you have an infant or are expecting.