Little Dipper Miniature Crockpot

little dipper crockpot
A slow cooker (or crockpot) is a fantastic way to easily make delicious tasting items that work best when cooked over low heat for long time periods. Usually crockpots are quite generously sized averaging about 5 quarts. But sometimes you just don’t need a whole big crock of uhmm stuff. That’s where something like the Rival 32041C 16-Ounce Little Dipper Chrome can be extraordinarily useful in your kitchen.

This mini-slow cooker is ideal for making dips, appetizers, side dishes and small servings. It’s football season now and you NEED munchables when you watch the games. Looking to make chili con queso? Just throw in the ingredients per the recipe and let it slowly simmer up. Oatmeal for breakfast? Check. Spinach artichoke dip? You got it. This crockpot is small enough that you can bring it right onto the table and serve your appetizers hot. It’s the right size kitchen tool for small jobs.