Electric Heated Chip and Dip Tray

electric chip and dip tray
It’s football season and that means one thing: snacks! (ok two things: snacks and beer). Whether you’re having a few friends over to watch the big game on Sunday or just ready to class it up a little bit beyond eating right out of the chip bag, you’re going to need a chip and dip tray. The Kitchen Selectives ECD-88 Electric Heated Chip and Dip Tray adds a little trick a regular old tray can’t match: heat.

Perfect for serving toasty warm and yummy dips (spinach artichoke mmmm). Certain dips are meant to be served hot and while they might be hot when you put them out on your table, by the fourth quarter it’s going to be icy cold. Your cheese dip will solidify (oooh the horrors). Your bean dip will lose all it’s spreadability and beany good flavor. You need heat!!!

This white chip and dip tray has a 22 ounce removable stoneware crock that automatically shuts off it’s removed. You can of course use the tray unplugged for cold dips too.

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