Grilltendo: Mario Mushroom Barbecue Grill

It’s Grilltendo! Greg Matta was looking to a way to differentiate his otherwise identical vegetarian grill from his meat grill and came up with this snazzy paint scheme for his veggie grill. Note that when I have barbecues at my house, I ALWAYS offer a vegetarian choice: they have to the choice to sit there and watch everyone else eat delicious meat or they can go home and cry in their tofurkey.

Greg had to use special heat sensitive paint so that it wouldn’t bubble up and peel off when he cooked his gross tasting veggie burgers. I won’t say that it looks exactly like a Mario Bros. mushroom but it’s a reasonable enough likeness and painting your bbq grill in general doesn’t seem like such a bad decorating idea at all. Nice work.

Thanks Greg.

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