Gummy Bear Inflatable Chair

gummy bear chair
It’s the seat that looks good enough to eat. The Gummy Bear Chair is not made of actual gummy bears because that would just be a sticky mess. Plus after a few late night munchie sessions there would not be much chair left. Instead it’s made of PVC, close enough. It’s inflatable, so you can take it with you anywhere and everywhere- the beach, concerts, gummy bear conventions, candy shops, living rooms, the office, airports, poolside, restaurants, and…. well that’s about it- I think we’ve covered every possible location you could ever be at, right. Side view? You got it bubs:
gummy bear inflatable chair
Oh yeah. Feel free to stuff yourself full of candy before sitting down since it holds up to about 220 lbs (so maybe not that much candy). And no need to expend your valuable lung capacity to inflate, it comes with a foot pump. Yes it’s adult sized. Just bring your child-like enthusiasm. And your candy, since we repeat this candy chair bear is not candy there.