Robotic Talking Teddy Bear Car GPS Unit

This cute teddy bear from ixs Research is more than just a fuzzy face that sits on your dashboard. Much more. Inside the adorable exterior lies a GPS unit. Since the bear lacks a screen, it will verbally tell you the directions you need to go. If that wasn’t enough, the bear also points his arms and turns his head to emphasize the way. Like most bears, if you gently pat his head he will give you information about local landmarks as well- “Jellystone Park is 2.4 miles ahead”.

Now at this point you’re probably thinking- wow that’s one talented bear but is that all it can do? This circus bear has more tricks up it’s furry sleeves- a built in alcohol sensor that detects if you’ve been drinking. The bear will then confront the driver saying “You haven’t been drinking, have you?”. Should the bear survive the ensuing beatdown after that confrontation, it will also detect erratic driving or sudden braking by saying “Watch out!”. This guy is much smarter than the average bear; Teddy Ruxpin has nothing on him. Look for it in stores next year.

via Pink Tentacle

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  1. hiiii!!i think this is very interesting kind of GPS device but stii the people buying their first maynot go for this..this lacks an scrreen which is very helpful for visualization of the region..

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