T.O.O.B is a Dome of a TV Screen

toob dome screen
Flat screens are soooo 2008 buddy. The new way to get the full immersive television experience is round. It’s a dome. T.O.O.B promises to give you a full IMAX-like 3D experience by taking your standard video signal and projecting it onto a dome of a screen that surrounds your peripheral vision.

Toob, which stands for Think out of the Box, is a 3 foot by 6 foot rounded screen. It looks like you have to get pretty close to get the full effect of the curved screen but not to worry, they also make an inflatable full igloo dome size version you can crawl inside.
toob dome outside
Toobs are available for sale or around $1400 and up or rental via their website.

toob via cool hunting