Cell Phone Screen Magnifier

Get a close look at this 14 inch screen magnifier that uhmm well.. magnifies your screen. Because with it you won’t need to get a close look at your phone because your screen will be…magnified. The, as Amazon calls it “14 inch Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone, Phone Screen Magnifier, 2022 Upgraded Version Screen Amplifier, Mobile Phone Magnifying Screen, Foldable Smartphone Screen Magnifier” (we’ll just go with screen magnifier for everyone’s sanity here), uses simple optics to make your smartphone’s image the size of an iPad.

Just place your phone in the back, slide out the screen and flip it up. Make sure to pop the legs out because legs are important for both humans and machines apparently. Now you’re basically at an iMax movie (if you stand really close and cough up $20 on your way into the room). It’s a simple design and the fact that it folds flat makes it easy to travel with. You can also use it as a stand for your phone without the screen. Not sure why you’d want to do this, but you could. It has a universal fit for most smartphones.

How big is it? Did you miss the chart above? Scroll up cause we ain’t typing out the numbers today. The manufacturer recommends sitting about 3-6 feet away. However this still might be a great gadget to bring on planes and sit it on the tray table. You don’t want to eat those dry cookies anyway. Great for seniors and kids too. Overall it seems like a pretty good deal for the price, just a simple gadget that does what it says and nothing more, nothing less.