Whip It Good with the Interchangeable Head Devo Action Figure Set

You must whip it…the 80’s are back! Check out the Devo action figure set with interchangeable heads. Yes that right, it’s just one body for all of Devo with 5 different heads (that all look pretty similar to me).

Devo really got the shaft on this one. Perhaps the manufacturer said let’s give them one body for each of their hits. So that would leave one body for Whip It and one for…ok just one body then. It wouldn’t be a Devo action figure set without an enclosed whip and the trademark flower pot hat aka the “energy dome”. Yes there’s only 1 flowerpot hat- apparently Mark, Jerry, Alan, Bob1, and Bob2 all have to share on energy dome. It’s not too late- to whip it.

Product page at Amazon: Devo Action Figure w/ Interchangable Heads