Dual Screen Laptop Looks Pretty Sweet

dual screen laptop
A company called Gscreen is introducing a dual screen laptop later this year called the Spacebook. The notebook features two 15.4 inch screens that can collapse behind one another for times when you just want to use one screen. They plan on producing other sizes too, both larger up 17 inches and smaller at 13 inches. Take a look at the back side of this innovative computer:
dual screen laptop backside
The Spacebook will run Windows 7 on a Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 4GB of RAM. They will ship with either a six or nine-cell battery and DVD player (great for watching a movie in one screen and “working” in the other screen). Of course all that dual screen real estate and big ol’ battery is going to weigh quite a bit- these notebooks should clock in at a hefty 12 pounds or so. Price is expected to be under $3000. Is bigger better? Looks like it is.

via Gizmodo