Wii Bowling Ball Accessory

Today’s theme is balls by the way. In case just swinging around a rectangular shaped Wiimote just wasn’t cutting it for you in terms of realistic Wii Bowling experiences, now there’s a Wii Bowling Ball Accessory. It’s shaped and sized just like a real bowling ball, only much lighter. You open it up, put the Wii controller inside the ball and snap the lid shut. Then put on the giant wrist strap and secure it tightly, lest you become the latest YouTube superstar for smashing your $2000 television with an inexpensive plastic ball. Works with the following Wii games: Wii sports, Brunswick Pro Bowling Ten Pin Alley 2, AMF Bowling: World Lanes, AMF Bowling: Pinbusters! No word on availability or pricing just yet but the Dude doesn’t roll on Shabbos, so maybe on Sunday we’ll get the scoop. Bowl on!

ctadigital via ohgizmo

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