Star Wars Bowling Ball Mighty Muggs Cake

Check out this awesome cake created by Gena Eiseman of iHeartCakes. It’s a Star Wars Mighty Muggs Bowling cake. She used the Death Star to represent the bowling ball and the pins are a variety of Star Wars characters designed in the Mighty Muggs vinyl figures style but shaped like bowling pins surrounding the cake. Here’s all the Star Wars Mighty Muggs cake figures laid out in full detail:

Not only does this cake look really good, it probably tasted pretty good too because inside this chocolate cake was cherry filling and triple chocolate ganache. Mmmmm.

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One thought on “Star Wars Bowling Ball Mighty Muggs Cake

  1. I hired Gena to make this cake for a 40th birthday party and can say it tasted fantastic! I think making a cake look so cool AND taste so good is rare. Gena did an excellent job and everyone at the party wanted more. Not to mention the envy on the rest of the 40-yo guys who loved the original Star Wars as a kid.

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