Gnome Bowling Set

Everybody loves bowling, especially overweight drunk men and old people. But bowling has become boring. Sure you can spice it up with disco bowling, glow in the dark pins, and loud rock music but in the end you are still rolling the same ball down the same alley.

Not so with Outdoor Gnome Bowling. First off, it brings the sport to the great outdoors. There’s a reason why it’s called the “great” outdoors and that makes it so much better than the not so great indoors. What that reason is, I don’t know- but I’m sure it’s awesome. Secondly the pins are replaced with gnomes. Now before you go to your local human rights advocate and complain about cruelty to the little guys, these are plastic gnomes. Which is a good thing, because anti-gnome abuse laws are very harsh here.

So Gnome Bowling looks like a lot of fun. Plus the ball is made of plastic so your kids can play it. Having a plastic ball also makes it easier to lift for adults, so you no longer have to do the embarrassing between the legs style of bowling.

Product page via Coolest Gadgets