Soccer Ball USB Hub

Soccer (or football for my non-American readers) is the world’s most popular and greatest sport. I’ve been known to kick the ol’ soccer ball around myself; MVP of the 5th grade team thank you very much (pretty decent for a right midfielder if I don’t say so myself, although I might have played some wing that year too). I’ve also been known to plug in USB gadgets. So here’s a soccer ball four port USB hub perfect for soccer fans where you root for Manchester United, Chelsea FC or even Real Madrid. It closes up to look like a real (plastic) soccer ball:
The button on top releases the cover of the ball to expose the ports. It’s set up for USB 2.0 but don’t fear the yellow card if you have USB 1.1, it’s backwards compatible. Yeah that made no sense, but I worked in “yellow card” in there, so that’s no red card for me. $10 at Brando.

USB Soccer Ball Hub

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